While driving or walking, I often discover beautiful old chairs discarded by the roadside, waiting for garbage pick-up. I stop, test them for sturdiness and then shamelessly haul them home by hand or car. Once they arrive at their new home, I sand and paint/polish them until they are beautiful again.

Chair 1 – While walking the dog, I found this child’s rocker tossed by a neighbor. With the leash in one hand and the chair in the other, I hauled it home to see its condition. I sanded it down and gave it a coat of primer and a coat of white paint. The cane on the seat was still in tact, but the cane on the back was demolished so I created an oval out of heavy cardboard, covered it with padding and denim and attached it to the back.

Chair 2 – While driving home from work, I found this chair outside a total ‘house flush’ in Golden Gate – just cleaned it up and added some decorations.

Chair 3 – While driving to work, I spied this chair in the landscaped median of busy Pine Ridge Road – I had to run across three lanes of traffic, dig it out of the shrubbery and run with it back to my car. I painted, distressed and recovered the seat cushion.

Chair 4 – I found this beautiful old chair while driving Choppy home from the vet in Golden Gate. I pulled over and while trying to figure out how to fit it into my car, Choppy jumped out and pooped on the person’s lawn. Thank goodness I had poop bags :(
It had good bones so all I did was clean, sand and polished it up with MinWax.


In my spare time…

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